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At Content Brick we believe that content is a strong foundation for a successful Educational Service.  You've built a great tool, now let us populate it with best in class quality content from the world's most credited sources.  

Content Acquisitions

We help build your acquisitions strategy and your collection of resources so that you can effectively bring in content for the life of your product. Specializing in Video, VR, AR, Print, and Photo.

Content Distribution

Not sure how to get your material in front of educators?  Let us connect the dots for you and expand your exposure into the education market.

Analysis & Segmenting

Not sure how your content could be used in the education market or elsewhere?  We provide expert advice regarding your material as well as offer services to edit your programs into useful segments if necessary.  

Royalty Modeling

Let us help you model a royalty process that fits best into your business structure.

Rights Clearance

Not sure what rights you have to an asset or what you need?  Let our expert rights clearance professionals assess your documentation and open a wide network of potential distribution avenues with rights you didn't realize you had.

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Why Us?

Content Brick was established by Acquisitions, Distribution, and Rights Clearance executives with 20+ years of experience working in organizations such as Discovery Communications, National Geographic and Tribune Media.

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